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Lisa Burgess  is a visionary marketing executive, entrepreneur, brand leader and award-winning product developer with 20 plus years of experience building brands and enhancing the consumer experience across multiple products and platforms. Innovative fundraiser and non-profit marketing professional with proven success in mass market acquisition, retention and donor cultivation. A creative brand strategist with an impressive record of achievement building integrated marketing campaigns for Patagonia, Starbucks, and World Vision. Built and led the award-winning kids’ product company, Zebra Mix.
Formally trained as an artist and designer, Lisa is a creative problem solver with the critical business and finance skills to innovate and build on long-term strategies. She is a natural team player and gifted leader with the ability to see possibilities and execute flawlessly.
• Patagonia Clothing Company - Lisa led the visual merchandising strategy for all the domestic retail stores helping the company achieve sustained high-scale growth in retail. She developed the "environmental sculpture library" to communicate sensitive environmental message to the public.
• Starbuck’s Coffee Company hired Lisa to develop the visual merchandising department where she was responsible for the design and execution of the visual merchandising in all retail stores. Working closely with Product Developers, Buyers, and Retail Directors, Lisa developed a merchandising program based on the art and science of consumer messaging and implemented the program in 1,500 stores, resulting in a 25% lift in merchandise sales.
• Zebra Mix is an award-winning kids’ food and learning company created by Brian Alm and Lisa Burgess. Designed to get kids in the kitchen, foster smart hands on learning and make it easy on parents, Zebra Mix grew to become a premium kids brand, with national sales and media distribution, winner of nine prestigious toy awards and receiving a patent for the learning design method targeted to kids.
• World Vision hired Lisa to develop and direct the retail channel, where she led a vibrant team to acquire over 45,000 donors in under three years with a 29% conversion rate. Using design and brand building skills from Patagonia and Starbucks, Lisa developed a winning market strategy using consumer profiles and brain research to create an experiental retail experience and that raised over $36m in long-term donor value in under three years.
When Lisa is not at the office she can be found doing absolutely any sport her kids are interested in from rock climbing to ultimate frisbee.
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