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Lisa is a visionary brand leader, creative director, marketing executive, entrepreneur, and award-winning product developer and designer with experience building brands and enhancing the consumer experience across multiple products and platforms. A creative brand strategist with an impressive record of achievement building integrated marketing campaigns for Patagonia, Starbucks, and World Vision. With a passion for fundraising and innovation, Lisa developed and led World Vision’s retail program, which quickly became the third largest pledge acquisition channel for the organization. 


Formally trained as an artist and designer, Lisa is a creative problem solver with the critical business and finance skills to innovate and build on long-term strategies. She is a natural team player and gifted leader with the ability to see possibilities and execute flawlessly.

Along with Brian, Lisa co-founded Zebra Mix, an award-winning kid's food and learning company with sales in over 1500 stores, segments on the Today Show, and winner of nine toy awards and awarded a patent.


When Lisa is not at the office she can be found doing absolutely any sport her kids are interested in from rock climbing to ultimate frisbee.  

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